NOTES FROM MT. OLYMPUS: What are we humans up to today?mount olympus copy


This human is looking for a place to stand where I can care about our foolish, cantankerous species and not be caught in the emotion and drama.

I’m reading a wonderful series of historically accurate (if possible) novels about the inner workings of the politics and personalities of the Roman Empire around the time of Caesar. I am struck by similarities between then and now. The same brutality, licentiousness, manipulation, jealousy, gossip, greed, betrayal and hunger for power at all costs took place in the halls of power. I can also assume that, like now, in the neighborhoods, the countryside, the homes, the workplaces, among the philosophers, the writers and the spiritual communities there are under-reported manifestations of love, justice, integrity, peace, personal courage and equanimity.

It seems that, then as now, it is the dark side of the human experience that drives this nation – the government and the economy. It certainly is what fills the media.

Meanwhile, where is my place of peace and truth? Is it possible to want the human race to manifest a just and peaceful world, recognize the mess we are creating and not be caught in anguish and frustration?

My thought today is that I can remember my cosmology, that is that the human experience is a playground for experimentation, creativity and expansion of the Infinite Consciousness. We humans are each a finite expression of that Consciousness. Our assignment is to immerse ourselves in the human experience without losing our identity as individual expressions of the Infinite.

So, the question of the day for me is HOW to do that.

What I get is that I can:

Remember my True Self.

Remember as Tom Waites sings it, “The world is not my home, I’m just passing through”.

Be grateful.

Keep my heart open.

Love my companions, my fellow travelers – all of them.

Have the courage to tell my truth.

Do what I can do and let the rest be.

Take care of business.


I’ll let you know how the day turns out.







I promised to let you know how the day turned out. It turned out pretty good, all things considered. I had two opportunities where I succeeded in walking the tight-rope between caring and equanimity on one side and caring and attachment on the other.

One opportunity was a conversation about who to vote for and the other was a cancelled celebration with my friend, the guest of honor, going to the hospital. (He’s going to be okay)


Thanks for your support.



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