While agonizing over the presidential election, I just remembered that, in the long-term, you and I have no idea what the outcome of a Trump or a Clinton presidency would be. A so-called negative event can lead to a positive outcome and then the positive outcome can lead to a negative.

Actually, sooner or later it always does.

Not only that, but one person’s negative is another person’s positive.

Not only that, but in THE BIG PICTURE we see that everything in existence is being born, ascending, descending and dying. That includes mountain ranges, species, nations, bugs and you and me. Consciousness is an eternal changing, a sequence of interconnected beginnings and endings.

Not only that, but when my internal wellbeing is dependent on outside events (like this election), I am doomed to the stress of trying to control those outcomes according to my versions of good and bad. I am also doomed to combat about those outcomes with those whose versions of good and bad differ from mine.

Meanwhile, I am human. I agonize. I care. I have opinions. I send money. I vote.

And, when I remember THE BIG PICTURE, I also relax.

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