WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS?!                                

Riley K. Smith, MA, LMFT


As I see it, there is a spontaneous shift going on within the human species – a cataclysmic expansion of perception.

Love and Inclusion powers the shift

and as a result we’re considering, as never before, that we, the inhabitants of Earth, are one macro-organism.

And our categories, boundaries and distinctions may be, in fact, optional and arbitrary.

Gender identities and sexual preferences are no longer polarities, they are a continuum. In the Old West men were men and women were women. In the New West, we’ve got enough wiggle room for everybody.

“Dis” abilities are seen as simply variations within the species.

Racial distinctions are blurring.

Dark people and Light people are bonding and blending.

Prejudice and hierarchies are being challenged or are becoming obsolete.

We are noticing injustices and exclusions that have for eons gone unacknowledged and unchallenged.

We can see it on Facebook – Cats are bonding with Rabbits or Birds or Elephants. People are bonding with Octipi or Sharks or Tigers. Dolphins are playing with Dogs! Even trees are sentient.

And vegetarians wont eat sentient beings – and, by the way, we’re not even sure which beings aren’t sentient.

Mass migration is happening and cultures are blending.

Meanwhile most of us seek reassurance and security by identifying ourselves with a group – a nationality, religion, race, gender, or a baseball team to name a few. If the stability, status or the definition of the group is challenged it can feel like a personal attack.

So there is resistance. National boundaries are challenged – “Crisis at the southern border.” White supremacists are afraid of losing their identity to immigrants. Europeans are afraid of losing their “national identity” to refugees from the middle east. Israelis and Palestinians are in a perpetual war over their right to a homeland.

Trump wants to ban trans soldiers. Then there is the hoorah about unisex restrooms and same-sex marriage.

I don’t know why the shift is happening, but it seems inevitable and it’s happening fast. I see it as positive. I like to think of it as an evolutionary step for the human race.

And I can also see that it is upsetting to many of us that our favorite certainties are no longer certain.

So, how can we survive – even thrive – in these turbulent times? What are the new certainties?

That is the topic for another day. Meanwhile here’s my poem that helps tide me over:




 Go To The Sweetness…


The sweetness in your heart.

The sweetness in your life.

The sweetness in your core.


There is FEARsome conflict going on…

A roiling of feelings,

A hurricane of ideas,

A shifting of certainties,

A chaos of rules and customs,

A disturbance in the Force.


As we enter a new stage of being human

old ways, behaviors, habits and assumptions

have slipped their moorings

and the new has not yet anchored,


You can trust the inner Sweetness.


Where everything is Okay.

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