I know a man, a good man, who has mastered his vocation. He competes with others at his company and is the top man. He makes plenty of money, has a very satisfying marriage to a good and successful woman and he has 2 good dogs. He strives. He takes vacations. He has digestive problems and says his belly is too big.

This man is motivated by the competitive challenge and the desire for more money.

Yet, he’s dissatisfied. He asks, “What’s next? There must be something more.”

“Why do you compete and aspire to more wealth?” I ask.  He reflects and responds, “Perhaps I’m not good enough and I’m hoping I’ll be good enough if I continue to win and have increasingly more money”.

“What if you’re already perfect? I asked, “You’ve mastered the Game in human terms. It may be time to transcend the human Game. It may be time to BE, in peace, inspired and entitled to be comfortable.  It may be time to PLAY the human game – for fun.”

“Imagine that you are exactly who you are supposed to be. Now imagine your life from there.”

The man is a sincere seeker and he imagines well. His gut relaxes with a great belch, his striving disappears and he declares, “I am exactly what and who I need to be. From there my doing is guided by inspiration, aspiration, volition and LOVE”.

“That’s what’s next.”


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