WHY DO WE DEFEND OUR BUBBLE? Why do I resist expanding my bubble?


ANOTHER BUBBLE QUESTION:  Following up on My Bubble Theory.


WHY DO WE DEFEND OUR BUBBLE? Why do I resist expanding my bubble?


Creating and posting this blog has been a major expansion of my bubble. In the days leading up to posting and announcing it I was imagining negative reactions from strangers and friends. Thoughts of “Arrogant” and “Self Important Fool” and “Irrelevant” circled like vultures in my brain. I was hyper aware and awestruck at the public antics of Donald Trump. Through a misunderstanding, a good friend criticized the site and an ex-client from many years ago posted a horrible comment on a therapist review website. On the morning I published the site and began telling people about it, I had an episode of diahhrea. I wasn’t sick. My body simply said, “I can let go now” and, boy, did it.SPEAK YOUR TRUTH AND DIE

So my bubble is larger…and I’m pretty sure I know what the resistance was about. My family, my heritage, my karma, my bubble was built on shame and fear. My father said a thousand times, “Don’t stick your neck out,” and “Always Be Careful.” He even abbreviated it, “ABC,” as I would go out the door. I believe I was beheaded for speaking heretical ideas in the middle ages (or I dreamed it. That’s another bubble issue).

I can see that not speaking up was a survival issue. One of my bubble beliefs, mostly unconscious, was “speak your truth and you die.” Of course I would defend my bubble.  I believed my life depended on it.

Does this example extend to the other beliefs that form my bubble? Does it extend to other people’s bubbles? I say Probably. It bears consideration. Discuss.

Another issue is what motivates us and allows us to expand our bubble? That’s for next time. Stay tuned.


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